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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement.

Accessible site.

Accessibility inquiries

Considerable efforts were made In order to make the website accessible. However, some elements might be inaccessible. If you encounter an element on the site that is not accessible or you have a comment or a question, you can contact us via the form or by phone: +972 (0)3 644 4950

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DEVRIES &Co. Ltd. gives great importance to quality service and promotes equal service to all customers and surfers, and to this end, many efforts and resources are invested in making the company's website accessible.

An accessible site enhances convenience and ease of use for people with disabilities. The site was adapted to the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments for Service), 2013 and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA.

The following are details of some of the adjustments made in the site's accessibility:

  • All actions on the site can be done using a keyboard as follows: Pressing the Tab key moves to the next link and pressing the Enter key activates the link. Pressing the Shift key simultaneously while pressing the Tab key moves to the previous link.

  • The navigation on the site is clear.

  • The content of the site is presented clearly, neatly and hierarchically.

  • The site is optimized for viewing current browsers.

  • The site is optimized for display on a variety of screens and resolutions.

  • All images have an alternative textual title (alt).

  • The site allows you to zoom in using the Ctrl key and the mouse wheel.

  • The site is suitable for surfers using screen reader programming.


The accessibility test was performed in Chrome browser.


This page was last updated on 18/04/2019.

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